Currently, all services are provided virtually through a secure videoconferencing platform until further notice.


My therapeutic approach is integrative and holistic, founded on the belief that each individual’s journey and experiences are unique and multifaceted. I place great emphasis on understanding each individual’s personality and recognizing the intricate interplay of their physical, emotional, social, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions. In my work, I integrate culturally sensitive and evidence-based practices to effectively address mental health concerns and foster self-awareness and resilience. It’s important to acknowledge that therapy is not a panacea; rather, it is a gradual and collaborative journey toward growth and transformation. My ultimate objective is to cultivate a confidential, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where clients feel empowered to explore their innermost thoughts and emotions.


Premarital counseling assists couples in preparing for marriage by offering information, guidance, and tools to establish a strong foundation and foster a healthy relationship. Couples explore their individual strengths as well as areas for growth to mitigate potential issues in the future. Research demonstrates that premarital education benefits individuals and couples by enhancing communication and conflict resolution skills, elevating marital satisfaction and commitment, and decreasing conflict and odds of divorce. 1


Navigating the complexities of co-parenting post separation and divorce can be challenging. Mediation provides a safe and neutral space for both parents to express their concerns, negotiate decisions, and develop effective communication strategies to reach a co-parenting agreement. Unlike traditional legal proceedings, mediation prioritizes collaboration and mutual understanding, allowing for negotiations and more control over decisions regarding the parenting plan. This approach is not only more cost-effective but also tends to be quicker, reducing prolonged conflicts and emotional strain on all parties involved. Moreover, by focusing on open communication and constructive problem-solving, co-parenting mediation lays the foundation for healthier long-term relationships, which is especially beneficial for the well-being of children.


Clinical Supervision to BBS Registered Counseling Associates (AMFTs, APCCs, and ASWs) working in schools or community organizations where supervision is not offered.