About Me


​We all face many challenges at various stages of our lives. My passion for counseling was ignited when I started my own therapy and experienced firsthand the positive impact it had on me. I have since dedicated myself to learning more and helping others by developing programs in the community to raise awareness about mental health with a focus on prevention and stigma reduction. I am a licensed therapist with over 10 years of counseling experience in various settings which includes mental health organizations, schools, and group homes. I received my B.A. in Psychology and my M.A. in Counseling Psychology and Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University, Sacramento with honors. I am trained in cognitive behavior therapy, trauma informed therapies, emotionally focused therapy, mindfulness, positive parenting, and premarital counseling. In addition to counseling I have provided seminars and workshops on couples and family communication, positive parenting of young children and teens, behavior modification, cultural sensitivity, and immigrant and refugee mental health.